Bergstrand Cigars was started as a hobby for personal use in 2016 by Lotta Bergstrand. On the 1st June 2018, we decided to become a commercial business, owned by LBMAB, company registration number 559034-7596.

The 2017 production of cigars is approximately 200-300. The aim for 2018 year’s production is approximately 1000 cigars. The release date will be in February 2019.  Bergstrand Cigars produces hand-rolled Swedish premium cigars in Limited Edition. The labelling band colours for each vintage can be seen here.

Bergstrand Cigars produces two exclusive premium brands of cigars with Swedish grown tobacco. Bergstrand Cigars Longfill and Bergstrand Cigars Shortfill, both hand-made. Our cigars, as well as different accessories, can be purchased here in our web shop.

Bergstrand Cigars is Dalarna’s first commercial cigar producer (at least as far as we have been able to find).  At present in Sweden, there are two commercial cigar producers. Tector, on the island of Gotland, and Bergstrand Cigars here in Dalarna.

Lotta Bergstrand.
Tobacco plant.

In 2017, we established the process from seed to fermentation, and the result was a very successful harvest and a fantastic cigar tobacco. This despite the fact that the summer of 2017 was cold. During 2017, Bergstrand learnt how to roll cigars the Cuban way.

Bergstrand Cigars produces hand-rolled Swedish premium cigars.

Tobacco Growing

Summer 2018. Picture: Bergstrand Cigars.
Summer 2018. Picture: Bergstrand Cigars.
Summer 2018. Picture: Bergstrand Cigars.

Mail: info@bergstrandcigars.se

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